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Nnadia has healthy image and was appointed the Anti-Crime Celebrity

Date : Jan 23, 2003

Source : Oriental Daily

Nnadia was recently appointed the Anti-Crime Celebrity of the Wan Chai Anti-Crime Campaign, and will sing the theme song for the campaign. Nnadia and the other 40 Anti-Crime stars attended the ceremony of appointment and accepted the letter of appointment the other day. The Chief Superintendent of Police (Wan Chai), Superintendent of Police, Inspector of Police, and Lam Pei Peggy, the Chairman of Wan Chai District Board, also attended the ceremony. Other than being the Anti-Crime Star of Wan Chai District, Nnadia has also been the Anti-Crime Ambassador of Sai Kung District. Her healthy image is once again appreciated by Lam Pei Peggy, and she invited her to be the Health Ambassador of the activities held by The Hong Kong Federation of Women (HKFW). But Nnadia has politely refused as she doesn't have time.

Special thanks to NCIFC for providing the translation