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Nnadia remains single so that she can receive red pocket money

Date : Jan 24, 2003 Source : Ta Kung Pao

Every year, besides receiving red pocket money, Nnadia also gives out red pocket money to the crews working for her. She thinks giving red pocket money to the crews is just like giving them a year-end bonus. But under the current economic situation, she will also consider giving out the HK$10 red pockets (Sam: red pockets each contain a HK$10 bank note only. HK$10 is the smallest face value of bank notes in HK), because the design of the new HK$10 bank note is beautiful. Every year, she receives a good amount of red pocket money, and it'll be over HK$20,000 this year for sure. The one from her adopted father, Ah Yat alone is already of considerable sum. Nnadia joked that, 'I remain single for all those years just because I want to get red pocket money." During the lunar new year, she will concentrate on writing lyrics because she plans to release new music album before June.

Special thanks to NCIFC for providing the translation