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Nnadia's wish to shoot shampoo commericals is fulfilled

Date : Jan 29, 2003

Source : Ta Kung Pao

Nnadia, who has always wanted to shoot a shampoo commercial, has kept her long hair for 3 years. Finally, she was invited to shoot her first commercial for shampoo recently, and signed the contract yesterday. Nnadia even invited her good friends Barry Yip and Chu Kin Kwan to the ceremony.

The contract will last for one and a half years (i.e. till June, 2004). Nnadia refuses to reveal her salary, and only said that it is reasonable. Shooting of the commercial in HK and the Mainland will start Feb 15. She went to Shenzhen at 6 a.m. yesterday morning to have some [shining stones] pasted on her arm(s) to show the brand name of the product. She also wore her own white long gown, and even sang a song at the ceremony. She will release music album in the Mainland by June. The promotions together with this commercial at the time will hopefully bring her an even better result.

Nnadia said happily, "I'm always rigorous in choosing commercials to shoot. Someone has contacted me before, but I found them emphasized on packaging rather than quality, almost like cheating. But this time I've tried (the product) myself, and I guarantee it is of good quality, otherwise I'll wash your hair as punishment for a month." She even revealed that she has wanted to shoot commercials for shampoo since she was young. But she used to have short hair for nearly 10 years after entering the entertainment circle, so no one has ask her to do so. She has started to let her hair grow long 3 years ago, and only then does she have the chance to shoot the commercial. She smiled and said, "The advertising agent likes the bangs I have. I can't cut it during the period of contract".

Nnadia loves to travel by planes. She hopes to shoot commercials for Airline companies next time so that airfare will be covered for life! She is going to release a new music album, targetting the Mainland market. She wrote lyrics for all the songs. During the Lunar New Year, she has to do some shows, but she's very happy and satisfied to be able to eat turnip pudding made by her family. She also has no intention to go to the annual New Year flower market. Once, she brough peach blossoms home, but instead of bringing romance to her, it brough romance to her sister. Now, she's less interested in going to the annual New Year flower market. This year, she decided on buying pussy willow

Special thanks to NCIFC for providing the translation