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Nnadia cuts the opening ceremony ribbon for Forum Restaurant, Fuzhou branch

Date : Mar 1, 2003

Source : Oriental Daily

Ah Yat's Forum Restaurant recently opened its first Mainland branch in Fuzhou. Ah Yat invited his adopted daughter, Nnadia to Fuzhou to cut the opening ceremony ribbon. When they stepped out of the (Fuzhou) airport, there were already tons of security guards to welcome them. At the ceremony, all the crews (more than 200) dressed in uniform drawn up in array. They even had a Public Security (Police) guard of honour, with over 100 people, to perform music at the scene. The ceremony was extravagant. On the first day of its business, the restaurant already attracted many government officials. On its second day, the restaurant was full.

Previously Nnadia went to the Mainland for work. When she left the hotel, some Mainland fans got into the hotel room where she was staying and picked up Nnadia's trash from the garbage to keep as souvenirs. To prevent this from happening again, Nnadia brought along garbage bags this time, and threw the garbage to the refuse room every time she leaves the hotel room.

Special thanks to NCIFC for providing the translation