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Nnadia: wearing a gauze mask is better than having security guards

Date : Mar 16, 2003

Source : Wen Wei Po

Nnadia was appointed the "Environmental Protection Ambassador" and attended a promotional function (in Shatin) yesterday. Nnadia said she would attend a show on pneumonia later. She expressed that she will pay visit(s) to the patients in hospital(s) if needed.

Someone ask Nnadia, will she stay outside the wards only? She said, "Sure I will go into the wards. I have strong resistance to diseases. I think the patients are innocent. We should show that we care." Other than that, Nnadia feels that life and death are decreed by fate, so she is not too worried about pneumonia cases in HK. She said, "I was in Guangzhou and Fuzhou when pneumonia broke out locally. I wore a gauze mask and other people didn't recognize me. When people saw me wearing a gauze mask, they stay away from me. I'm safer wearing a gauze mask than having security guards."

Special thanks to NCIFC for providing the translation