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Nnadia cherishes the people around her
Date : Mar 18, 2003
Source: Oriental Daily

Nnadia shot a guest appearance on the RTHK TV program 'Doctor and you' hosted by Steven Ma yesterday. Recently there are many issues around the world that are disturbing people, like the pneumonia outbreak and events in Iraq and the Middle East. Some people even worry that this is the omen of Judgment Day. During an interview (held separately from the program), reporters asked her what she thought about the issue. Nnadia said solemly, "People are already disturbed and worried now. I don't want to talk about Judgment Day.. this will scare people even more. I think HK people are already resilient."

She pointed out that the recent natural and man-made disasters should cause everyone to love and value our loved ones more, whom we might've taken for granted. She said, 'Now I love my family and my dogs even more. I hug and pinch my dogs everyday when I come home. This scares my dogs so much that they hide under table when they see me come back!"

Special thanks to NCIFC for providing the translation