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Nnadia discusses with UMG about returning to singing
Date : Mar 28, 2003
Source : Oriental Daily

Nnadia has not released a music album for 4 years after ending her contract with Rock. Universal Music Group ( has a high opinion of her and has invited her to join them recently. Yesterday, reporters discovered by chance that Nnadia showed up at UMG to discuss with an executive. However, a staff is suspected of being infected with SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), so she has taken all the precautions by wearing a gauze mask and a cap.

Nnadia was astonished when she saw the reporters. They asked her why she was at UMG. She only said that she has an appointment with friends. Although Nnadia didn't admit it, the General Manager of Universal Music Hong Kong (a company of UMG), Wong, said frankly that they are inviting Nnadia to join them. He said, "I've been paying attention to Nnadia's performance on JSG. She has done a good job. I've had discussions with her and have discovered that we have similar ideas. But I don't know if Nnadia has any interest (in joining us). Hacken Lee has been a success with UMG before. Our focus this year will be female singers. We're confident that Nnadia will be a success like Hacken." After learning about that, Nnadia said in embarrassment (for having avoided the question earlier), "I like UMG too. But we're still discussing."

When asked whether her appearance at UMG with full protection is due to being worried about being infected with SARS, she said, "I'm not afraid, but it's just for hygiene purposes. Shawn Yue (a male singer) has been suspected of being infected with SARS and he is not afraid, why should I be?" Wong said that the staff member previously suspected of being infected with SARS has been confirmed to only have caught a cold.

Special thanks to NCIFC for providing the translation