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Nnadia helps the roasted pig 'wear' a mask
Date : Mar 30, 2003
Source : Apple Daily

Lisa Wang, Nnadia, Bowie Lam, Kwong Wah, Maggie Cheung and others shot a TV show (hosted by Lisa) in TV City the night before last.

As SARS broke out recently, Nnadia wore a Hello Kitty gauze mask the night before last. It's very cute. She said, "This mask was bought in Japan." Nnadia even pretended to kiss Ah Ze (Lisa). When the artists were chopping the roasted pig, Nnadia suddenly put a gauze mask on the roasted pig's mouth. She said, "I've helped the roasted pig to wear the mask, Ah Ze can go to chop the roasted pig now."

Special thanks to NCIFC for providing the translation