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Date : Apr 1, 2003
Source : a composite of Wen Wei Po, Sun Daily and Ming Pao

Nnadia and Isabel Leung became the spokespersons for Royal BodyPerfect, a weight loss program. They measured their weight, lower abdomen, and hip during the press conference.

Nnadia is afraid of being called 'fatty pork chop'. She became the spokesperson for Royal BodyPerfect by the recommendation of Tao Man Ming, a friend of Brigitte Lam. She now weighs 132 lbs. (Lower Abdomen (instead of waist): 34, Hip: 38). She said frankly that she is confident in losing 18 lbs. in 6 weeks (and so she wrote this number on the chest of the model).

Nnaida's pay this time is nearly 7-digits (i.e. millions or HK$x,000,000). Also the one who loses more weight in 6 weeks will get a watch worth HK$90,000 from Royal BodyPerfect.

Nnadia will record songs for her new music album. When asked if she is worried about SARS, she said frankly that, life and death are determined by fate, and one can't worry that much about it. But the microphone for recording will be disinfected and there should be no problem.

Special thanks to NCIFC for providing the translation