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Nnadia joins UMG with earnings in the millions
Date : Apr 4, 2003
Source : Sing Pao

Nnadia has not released a music album for some time. Previously, after the press conference for Royal BodyPerfect, she and the Royal BodyPerfect's crew had a private meeting with the UMG senior Kelvin Wong, to discuss joining UMG. About Nnadia joining UMG, Kelvin said, "Now (the draft of the content of) the contract is almost complete and can be signed very soon. At first, we didn't plan to sign a contract that fast, but as Nnadia won the Students' Idol award in S'pore for the 6th consecutive year recently, we're going to sign the contract as soon as possible."

It's known that for this Students' Idol award, even Andy Lau has just won 5 years in a row before. Nnadia can be said to have broken his record. In view of this, UMG would like to 'hit the iron while it is hot' and capitalize on her current popularity in S'pore and Malaysia. So UMG is going to release an album for her immediately after the contract is signed. The album is mainly targeted at S'pore, Malaysia and mainland markets. Her pay will be as high as a 7-digit number (i.e. in the millions). Royal BodyPerfect's crews were presented that day when they (NN and UMG) talked about the contract because they (Royal BodyPerfect) are interested in supporting Nnadia and will sponsor her new album!

Special thanks to NCIFC for providing the translation