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Nnadia scared the people of Guangzhou by wearing a mask.
Date : Apr 11, 2003
Source : Oriental Daily

Nnadia went to Guangzhou to shoot a shampoo commercial the other day and returned to HK immediately after finishing the shoot. It was quite cold recently but Nnadia only wore a tank top. This caused her to shiver. Since she was wearing a tank top, her chubby arms were revealed.

As SARS broke out in HK and the mainland, Nnadia and her 2 sisters have protection by wearing masks all the time. But they found that Guangzhou citizens don't wear masks and that restaurants are full as usual. People even looked at them with frightened and strange eyes. Nnadia said, "They don't see wearing a mask as a personal hygiene issue, but think we're coming from an infected area. They said they aren't afraid of pneumonia. They also said the Lunar New Year was the peak period of the outbreak and that time has past."

Special thanks to NCIFC for providing the translation