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Nnadia kissed a fan without fear of SARS
Date : Apr 20, 2003
Source : Sun Daily

Nnadia and others attended a charity fashion show ( held in Sunshine City, Ma On Shan yesterday (Apr 19). When Nnadia was auctioning a balloon-dog (a toy made by twisting balloons), a fan offered HK$100 for the balloon while the starting price was only HK$20. Nnadia was so happy that she had forgotten about SARS. She came forward and hugged the fan. She also gave the girl a kiss. Afterwards, reporters ask if she was not afraid of SARS, Nnadia said, "She is so kind! She offered a hundred dollars for a balloon, I'm so happy!" About the progress of the weight loss program (offered by Royal Bodyperfect), Nnadia expressed that she has already lost 10 lb., 8 more pounds to lose to meet the target she set!

Another fun little piece of news from Oriental Daily:

A major mainland website held a poll asking "Which artist's mask is most stylish?" NN won the poll with the most stylish mask. Among the 41 HK artists in the poll, Nnadia's Pucca cartoon mask got 10740 votes. Nicholas Tse's got 9503 votes (2nd place), Gallen Lo's got 4684 (3rd place), Jacky Cheung's got 3688 ...

Special thanks to NCIFC for providing the translation