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After buying a Toyota Will Vi car (HK$200,000) last year, Nnadia has recently bought another one (Benz E230) from her friend at a price $230,000. This car originally costs over $700,000. Though the car is second hand, it looks like a new one. Nnadia will drive this car only when there is important function.

For example, she drove this car to Peninsula Hotel to have a french cuisine dining with her relatives and Mr. Yeung (a famous chef) the day before yesterday. Nnadia is invited to join an award ceremony hold in that hotel becuase one of Mr. Yeung's students has won an honour. Nnadia said that it's a rare opportunity to know the organization president and she could learn something about french cuisine dining. Under the recommendation of the president, Nnadia ordered a $280 french lunch. She thinks the meal is delicious and the price is very reasonable.

But, Nnadia makes a joke on herself during the lunch. When the president asks Mr. Yeung to buy him some cigars, Nnadia said, "Deal", which she intentionally means deal in english. But, the pronounciation of this word is similar to a bad language in Cantonese. Other people mistake that she is swearing and are shocked.

Nnadia not only shoot tv serials these years, but also earn money through shooting advertisements. For example, Tain Po jewelley (Singapore), comestics products (Taiwan) and female hygiene products (Shanghai). Besides, she can speak fluent chinese and english, she is popular everytime during live performance overseas. When Nnadia is asked the way of making money, she thinks there's no secret to it. The main thing is to upkeep one's image.