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Nnadia's rumored boyfriend named Dasmond, a famous DJ in Singapore, went to Hong Kong to shoot a travel program. It was also his birthday the day before yesterday. Nnadia brought him to a restaurant in Sai Kung to celebrate his birthday. She also brought a valuable champagne and a mango cake.

Both Nnadia and Dasmond did not talk much about their love affairs. It is not known whether it is due to the presence of the reporters or due to their unstable relationship because they have just patched up with each other (it's also a rumor). Later, reporters asked Nnadia to give Dasmond a birthday kiss. Nnadia pretended that she did not hear what the reporters said. She also became a little bit embarrassed. When asked Nnadia what birthday present she gave to Dasmond, she said she would like to keep it secret. About the current relationship with Dasmond, both of them said, "they are good friends".