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Nnadia has won the award, Champion (TV group) of an Students' Idol Poll held by (Friday Weely) a Singapore newspaper. Besides, the president of a french cruisine institution has awarded her a metal. On 26Mar, Nnadia attended a press conference in Fu Lum restuatant. She said thank you for Mr. Yeung for nominating her as a member of the french cuisine instituion. She likes eating abalone. For dessert, she likes eating egg whites in apricot juice. It is not only delicious, but also good for skin. She plans to publish a book about food later. Reporters ask her about the relationship with the I.T. man, who came to HK to celebrate her birthday last time. Nnadia said the relationship between them is similar to the one between sisters. She said she will concentrate on her job and leave love affairs aside first.

Source: Apple Daily news on 27Mar02