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Nnadia had an interview by RoadShow in Kwuan Tong yesterday. Recently, she is busy promoting her new movie, Return From The Other World, and also preparing her new album. Nnadia puts lot of efforts for preparing it and can't fall asleep. She said the half of the album has been finished. She will take part in production and write lyrics. The style of the album will suit her age and character. She hopes the album will be released in this summer vacation. Because Nnadia is very anxious about the production of it, she can't fall asleep every night. But she has a special method to cure it. Nnadia said, it may because she is too anxious about it and worried about whether the lyrics are written well, she can't fall asleep until 5 or 6 am. But if she eat a piece of chocolate, she can sleep well that night.

Source: Apple Daily News on 25Apr02

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