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The premiere of The Hidden Enforcers (we called it Summer Assassin previously) was held on 15th May. Nnadia, the director named Nam Yin and other co-stars attended this function. Nnadia said it was the first time she shot movie with her master, Sammo Hung (he teaches her some skills related to martial arts). Sammo Hung always bought lot of delicious food for her and other co-stars. This made them become much heavier. Nnadia increased ten pounds after shooting this movie. She thinks due to this reason, others called her "pork chop" (which means fat, i think it's kidding only). But, Nnadia is slim now. Previouly, she thinks on diet is quite a harsh process, but now, it becomes a habit and she does not think it takes pains.

Reporters found out Nnadia wore a piece of jade (necklace) that night. Nnadia said it was given by her family. Some one wanted to use HKD400,000 to buy it last year. But, she refused. She admitted that she would become nervous due to trival matters, so she wore jade to stop nervousness (it's a common chinese practice, people think it's one of the functions of wearing jade). Also due to this reason, she will not sell this piece of jade and she will wear it when she is nervous. Then, the reporter asked her is it she was also nervous for the premiere. Nnadia laughed and she said she is nervous about anything.

Nnadia has not released new album for two years. She will record new songs soon. (i think she is recording new songs instead). Later, she will go to Singapore for promotion.

Source: Sing Pao or StarEast net news on 17May 2002

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