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The Premiere of Money Suckers (the direct translation of the title means greedy people living in a household) was held on 23thMay. Nnadia just came back from Singapore. She denied that she went to visit her DJ boyfriend (webmaster: she went there for a job/function instead, she was a guest of a singapore program). Nnadia also said he is her friend only and their relationship is just like the one between brothers. She went to visit her friend, but he is very busy. She said she does not have a boyfriend. Her boyfriend is her career, she only wants to fall in love with her jobs. She also said because there are too many delicious local food, she ate a lot and suffered from diarrhoea (i don't know the medical term, it's a serious diarrhoea). Her family members were also infected. They all needed to go to hospital.

She is busy recording her Mandarin album now. She declines tv serials and movies in order to concentrate on it. About the image of this album, she wants to be herself. Nnadia thinks the so-called "image" is false, it would be most geuniune to be herself.

Source: Tak Kung news on 25May 2002

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