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Nnadia personal data was stolen. She phoned the telecommunications company to cut the mobile phone service . Besides, a couple claimed that they were reporters and visited her relatives' home to find out more information about her. Nnadia has reported this case to the police. Her emotions is not affected by it. She shot outdoor scenes of Nam Yin's movie, Modern Cinderella yesterday. Nnadia is appreciated with the police's efficiency. She received the police's phone call yesterday. The police said they had already taken the video type (CCTV system) from her relatives building and asked her to identify the people next week. After the personal data has been stolen, Nnadia becomes more cautious. When a CID phoned her to gather more info about the case, Nnadia suspected his identity and asked him to leave his phone number. She then asked her friend, who has such experience, to phone the person and confirmed his identity before answering any questions.

Source: Oriental Daily news on 25May 2002

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