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Nnadia has won a country house (the cantonese pronounciation is Bik Kwai Yuen, it is in Gaung Zhou and costs HKD800,000) when she participated the TVB game show, Brains Work. She will go to get it soon. Yesterday, Nnadia went to TV City (TVB) to be a guest of a lucky draw ceremony. The winner of this lucky draw can get an apartment (it is also Guang Zhou Bik Kwai Yuen and costs HKD380,000).

Recently, it is believed that Nnadia's personal data was stolen. The case is being investigated. She said the police is investigating this case. She has gone to the police station to recongnize the guys. There is no result yet. But recently, her pager always receives calls from unknown source. They claimed they are famous stars such as Andy Lau, Alan Tam. These calls are troublesome.

Source: Applel Daily news on 8 Jun 2002

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