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Previously, Nnadia has won a country house (Gaungzhou Country Garden) on TVB game show, Brain Works. The house is 2100 square feet. She went to Gaung Zhou to sign the contract yesterday. Nnadia is invited by that company to shoot a commercial to promote the property development project. Nnadia and the property company are negotiating about it. There will be a great chance that Nnadia will shoot the commercial. Some time ago, Nnadia was invited by another property company to shoot an advertisement to promote mainland houses, but the advertisement needed to be shot in Philippines. Nnadia thought it was strange, so she refused. Nnadia is satisfied with her new house in Gaungzhou because there are 3 bathrooms and she does not need to fight for it with her sisters.

Recently, Nnadia's personal data was stolen, so she transferred all her properties under her name. But for this new house, she can only transfer it a year later according to the agreement.

Source: Ming Pao news on 10 Jun 2002

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