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Nnadia missed one number, lost tens of million dollars

Nnadia, after winning a car and a country house in TVB quiz show, Brain Works, have good lucks one after another. On the night before last, Nnadia won the third prize of Mark Six (The Mark Six lottery is a lottery game conducted by the Hong Kong Lotteries Board using the facilities of The Hong Kong Jockey Club in HK. People pick 6 numbers out of 47. If one picked all the six drawn numbers, he wins the first prize). She won nearly HKD30,000. Nnadia, who always has good luck, had a telephone interview with the reporter of Apple Daily yesterday. Nnadia's sister told her that the prize of the Mark Six draw this time was high and asked her for six numbers to buy. Nnadia selected five of the six drawn numbers. She got only one number wrong, otherwise, she would have won more than HKD9,000,000. She was quite anxious when she watched the draw on tv. When she know she only missed one drawn number, she feel pity. Nnadia is well known for having good lucks all the time, so many of her friends ask her for lucky numbers (each represents a horse) before placing bets in horse racing. Nnadia said of course, not all the horses she picked won, but just a few of them.

Source: Apple Daily news on 20 Jun 2002

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