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Nnadia picked numbers at random won in the Mark Six lottery

Nnadia is having good luck recently. After winning a house and a car in the quiz show "Brain Works", the jackpot draw of Mark Six Dragon Boat Festival Snowball, with about HK$30,000,000 in the Snowball Pool, was held on the day before yesterday (Jun 18); Nnadia picked the six numbers: 32, 33, 38, 41, 42, 43 just at random, and to everyone's surprise, she has selected five of the six Drawn Numbers, and the number 38 is very close to the Drawn Number 36. Her sister Bobo placed the bets. The first prize is HK$9,000,000, but seeing how she only picked five of the six numbers, it turned out to be only a HK$30,000 3rd prize, no wonder Bobo was sleepless the whole night. (Sam: if only Nnadia selected the Drawn Number 36.) Bobo said Nnadia hasn't exploited her 'little universe' (i.e. her power).

As Nnadia is in luck, Bobo asked her to pick six numbers. She spent HK$50 on the bet and won 1 unit of 3rd prize and 2 units of 5th prize. The prize amounts to HK$30,240. When Nnadia learned that she was only one number away from winning the 1st prize, she reacted calmly, "Really? Why is it like that!". She didn't want to encourage people to gamble, so is unwilling to have interviews.

This is not the first time Nnadia has won prizes by picking numbers randomly. Bobo revealed that 2 years ago, a friend had asked Nnadia to pick some numbers for the 3-T (Triple Trio) Snowball. Nnadia gave s/he the birthdays of her and her family, and the friend won more than HK$800,000. The friend bought her a pearl necklace worth HK$100,000 to thank her.

Source: Sing Pao

Special thanks to NCIFC for providing the translation