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Title : Nnadia played the role of a bride in the hot summer

Date : Jul 9, 2002

Source : Oriental Daily

Nnadia and Edmond Leung went to Hainan Island the other day to shoot the new movie "Heartbeat" (a non-official English translation of the title). Nnadia dressed up as a bride, for the first time outside HK, under 40 degree Celsius temperature. Since the weather is so hot, she laughed and said she only felt hot, and there was no feeling of being a bride. Her sister even suffered from heatstroke. Nnadia also saw a mirage.

Although the Hainan Island weather is very hot, Nnadia still praises it for its beautiful scenery, especially the scene of Tianya Haijiao. (Sam: Tianya Haijiao, which means the end of the sky and the corner of the sea, is located at the southwest seaside of Sanya city, Hainan Island). One thing she thought most interesting is that, all the places in Tianya Haijiao are named with the two words "Tian Ya", including Tianya toilet, Tianya police station, Tianya garden, etc. (Sam: the words "Tian Ya" has special meanings to Nnadia. Her first drama series [Songbird] is called "Tian Ya Ge Nu" in Chinese. She also sang a sub-theme song, having the same title as the series, and the first phrase of the lyrics is "Tian Ya, Hai Jiao". What's more, this song is collected in "Tian Ya Ge Nu", one of her best selling song album).

Apart from Tianyahaijiao, Nnadia also recommended another place worth sightseeing, which is "Furu Donghai, Shuobi Nanshan" (Sam: meaning Having fortune as vast as the Eastern Sea, Life as long as the Southern Mountain). Nnadia expressed that there are greeting statements such as "Vast fortune" and "Longevity" all around the place. She joked that she feels that vast fortune is with her after visiting the place.

Special thanks to NCIFC for providing the translation